And then there were two!

Yes, we have now launched our second App, Vehicles Sounds for Children. Following on from Farmyard Sounds, Vehicles Sounds takes the same intuitive and fun approach to sounds and images which babies and toddlers love. Its a universal App for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Click on the images below to be taken straight to the App Store where they are both available for just $1 (59p) each. We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed developing them. Read on below to find out where our inspiration came from or click on the menu links to the right to see more of the Apps.

Farmyard_Sounds Vehicles_HD

We first got the idea for these Apps when our daughter Jessica was nearly 12 months old. She just loved playing on our iPhone & iPad and gets really excited whenever she sees it. They are so intuitive for children to use and we were amazed how quickly her and her friends learnt to swipe and tap with amazing accuracy for such little people. However we found that the apps available, though many meant for children, weren’t designed with tiny fingers in mind. So the idea for Farmyard Sounds was born and by combining animal pictures and sounds that Jessica and her friends love, with swiping and tapping features that suit little hands and fingers, we think we came up with something that suited very young children better than the other apps available.

Vehicle Sounds for Children took the same concept a little further and introduces new images and sounds.

Though Jessica can sit and play with the apps by herself, she loves it even more when we play with it together. Asking her to point our specific animals or vehicles and it is great fun hearing her try to mimic a fire engine (Woo Woo).

Horse_iPhone Chickens_iPhone

Click on the Farmyard Sounds or Vehicle Sounds menu links on the right to find out more.